Technical Specification



Mechanical properties (23 °C/50 % r. h.)

Test Method

Tensile modulus

ISO 527-1

2300 MPa

Yield stress

ISO 527-1

64 MPa

Yield strain

ISO 527-1

6.6 %

Nominal strain at break

ISO 527-1

>50 %

Ball indentation hardness

ISO 2039-1

108 N/mm²

Glass transition temperature

ISO 11357-1

152 °C

Vicat softening temperature

ISO 306

150 °C

Water absorption (saturation)

ISO 62

0.3 %


ISO 1183-1

1200 Kg/m³

technical specification Cryoblast UK

Although we are a fairly new company, we come into the market with many years of experience in polymer processing and extrusion and as a result we offer media with enhanced properties compared to our competitors’ products.

Our state of the art manufacturing facility in Wales is home to custom built, highly developed processing machinery that has been honed and tuned to ensure that the polycarbonate shot blast media we manufacture is not degraded during the extrusion process and is also cut very precisely, to ensure that the customer receives the best product giving them the longest possible lifespan from their blast media.

We only use prime polycarbonate so that our product remains consistent and of the best quality available.

We have carried out extensive research and development into the polymer structure before, during and after processing, whilst monitoring and testing how it combines with specific additives to give certain synergistic effects. The net result is that the physical properties are tuned so that the polymer chains are broken down as slowly as possible during the cryogenic blasting process, to ensure maximum product lifespan.

Cryoblast’s quality control systems ensure products leave our UK factory, within our strict specification as well as meeting ISO 9001 standards. We are proud of our material purity, clarity, and strict dimensional tolerances as well as the fast and efficient service we provide.